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Fat Burn With Less Effort

Sponsored: Testimonial from Rita, 55, Psychotherapist

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Fat Burn With Less Effort

I am so excited to share my experience but first of all I want to note the fact that I’m not a fitness coach, or a health guru and I don’t even go to the gym. I am busy woman – a practicing psychotherapist – who wanted to lose weight.

“I was diagnosed with diabetes 18 years ago, at the age of 37. At that time I was not thinking about what I eat or drink. It was a few years ago when the scales showed 128kg and I was living on medication that I took interest in healthy living.

“After a bit of research, I learned that one of the reasons behind weight gain is the fact that our bodies are more acidic than they should be. The body naturally removes some toxic acids, however, in the case of over-acidity, some stay in the system. To protect itself, the body creates fat cells to bind and neutralize acids – a process that results in weight gain.

“I wanted to lose weight in a healthy way, so I started to take an interest in nutrition, and found out that water plays significant role. I bought portable water ioniser and started to drink ionised alkaline instead of regular water on a daily basis. It unburdens the system significantly, as alkalis flush out acid build-up and restore acid alkaline balance in the body. It dissolves toxins and fat, penetrates tissues and cells more quickly and easily, helping the body regulate weight.

“I drink ionised alkaline water 20-30 minutes before meals and 45-60 minutes after. In few months I noticed changes in my weight, in regulation of blood sugar levels. I also became more energised and I sleep better at night. Now I know how important water is for the body to function properly. Understanding that our bodies are composed of around 70% of water, the positive effect of ionised alkaline water is nothing to be surprised at. For those who care about their overall well-being it is a great helper indeed. I wish I’ve learned about it at least few years ago.ˮ

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