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5 Moves to boost your energy

Personal trainer Kristoph Thompson shares five moves to make you feel less tired.

By Kristoph Thompson

5 Moves to boost your energy

These exercises draw upon elements of yoga, tai chi and Pilates to give your energy levels a boost, helping you to power through your to-do list. Each exercise should be performed at a moderate intensity to activate your body and mind and increase a sense of calm energy. Rather than a physically draining workout which will leave you feeling fatigued, these moves will ensure you’re physically and mentally ready to blitz your to-do list.


Begin lying on your back with your feet off the floor, and your knees bent to 90 degrees, holding a medicine ball or pair of dumbbells
directly above your chest with both hands, arms straight. Bend your arms to bring the ball down to just above your chest. Lift your head and shoulders off the floor slightly then extend your arms and legs to point where the wall and ceiling meet. Hold this position for a count of two then reverse the movement to return to the start.


Begin standing with your arms straight out in front of you. Take a large step to the left then bend your left hip and knee to come into
a side lunge, keeping your right leg straight. Trying to stay as low as possible, shift your weight to your left leg and slide your right foot along the floor, bending your leg so you’re now in a squat position. Straighten your legs to return to the start. Repeat on the right leg to complete one rep. Perform eight to 10 reps in total.


Begin in a plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders and your body in a straight line from head to toe. Spread your fingers wide and then lift your hips up and back to come into a down dog position. Press your shoulders towards the floor, and your palms into the ground, keeping the back of your neck long. Lift your right leg straight up and hold for a count of one. Place the leg back on the floor then lower your hips back down into plank. Repeat, this time lifting the left leg, to complete one rep. Perform six reps in total.


Begin sitting with your hips and knees bent, and your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands flat on the floor beside your hips. Lift your hips to come into a bridge position. Raise your left arm and right leg, bringing your hand and foot to meet. Repeat on the other side – this counts as one rep. Perform eight reps in total.


Begin standing with feet a little closer than hip width. Bend the hips and knees, reaching the arms up overhead. Come down into a high squat so your hips are higher than your knees, without your back arching or rounding, and keeping your upper arms in line with your ears. Hold this position for five deep, slow breaths.