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3 Healthy Foods for Naturally Glowing Skin

It’s time to give your skin some TLC…


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3 Healthy Foods for Naturally Glowing Skin

We all want a beautiful, healthy and youthful appearance, and the best way to achieve it is by caring for our skin from the inside out. While it’s all too tempting to collect the latest potions and cover-ups in the hope that they’ll help you capture that natural glow, we should really be starting with our diets. Fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with vital nutrients that help fight premature aging, clear your complexion and keep you looking fresh. Here, Dr Gary Goldfaden, dermatologist and creator of the natural skincare range Goldfaden MD, reveals his top three foods for healthier skin.

Mushrooms contain a plethora of skin-boosting properties, including antioxidants and vitamin D, that work to protect the skin against environmental stressors, discolouration and fine lines. Additionally, they contain potent anti-inflammatory properties that help to improve the appearance of acne, redness and even eczema.

Garlic is loaded with two skin-clearing properties – allicin, which is anti-microbial, and sulphur, an anti-inflammatory, that work simultaneously to keep skin breakout-free and glowing. Incorporating garlic into your diet is beneficial for blood thinning and a healthy circulatory system, and it also contains antibiotic and antioxidant properties that all work together to maintain a youthful and glowing complexion.

Kale is one of the healthiest foods you can eat and pays dividends on your skin. It contains lutein which is a carotenoid that helps fight and protect against free radicals. Plus, you’ll find high levels of vitamin A which helps with tissue repair, vitamin C which assists in brightening skin and vitamin K which helps with darkness under the eyes.

Get a triple whammy of goodness with this sweet potato pie recipe. It contains all three of Dr Goldfaden’s top skin-friendly foods, plus all the benefits of spinach and sweet potato.