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Are You Fitter Than A Cavewoman?

Discover how you measure up against your ancestors, and boost your fitness with our two essential workouts


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Are You Fitter Than A Cavewoman?

With more people than ever hitting the gym, SportsShoes.comsurveyed 2,000 Brits to find out how the nation would fair in the harsh prehistoric conditions. The survey revealed just one in 10 British people are as physically fit as our ancient relatives. So, how do you measure up?

1 Can you hold a deep squat for 30 minutes?
In the Stone Age, people would have to squat a lot in their day-to-day lives. From tending to a fire and cooking food, to simply waiting in position ready to run. Hunters would also have to get up and down from a seated position easily when aiming at a target with a bow.

2 Are you able to walk for 20 miles at a steady pace without a break?
Walking and running would have been crucial as the hunt could take you far away from your tribe. You would also need to travel quickly on foot to bring back food to your group.

3 Do you think you could lift an object that’s half your body weight and carry it for a mile?
Being able to lift irregular loads, such as an injured person, rocks, logs or animals was vital, as well as being able to carry them over long distances and uneven terrain.

If your answers were mostly no, you’re not alone – but there are some quick and easy ways you can ramp up your workout. Fitness expert Erwan Le Corre has come up with two natural movement exercises to help you shape up.

Lift and Carry
1. Find an object to use as your load, such as a large log or rock
2. Assume a strong square stance, and with an elongated spine keep your arms extended
3. With a firm grip on the object, extend legs and lift the load off the ground
4. Carry the load at hip level, driving your hips forward and leaning slightly backwards
5. Stop and reset as you require

The Deep Squat
1. As a beginner, have something you can hold on to for balance
2. Assume the deepest squat position you can and gently bounce
3. Then shift your body weight from side to side
4. Practise the movement until you can do it unassisted, then practise several times a day making each squat last for longer and longer periods of time