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3 Top Tips For Beginner Runners

Get motivated to start running with these handy beginner tips.


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3 Top Tips For Beginner Runners

If you were a spectator of the London Marathon over the weekend – either in person or from home, we’ve no doubt you were left in awe of all those who took part. If you’re feeling ready to dust off your trainers, we’ve rounded up fully qualified personal trainer Matt Goddard‘s three top beginner tips to help you get started…

Invest in your footwear

Take a visit to a sports shop that will test your gait, and invest some money in a good pair of quality running shoes that are correct for your running style. This will reduce the risk of injury, decrease pain and improve your running technique and efficiency.

Slow and steady wins the race

Start short and slow, and build up on the distance and speed over time. For fast improvements, vary distance, speed and time and incorporate intervals and short sprint sections. Variety keeps the running fun and maximises weight loss and fitness results.

Record your progress

Find a safe and enjoyable route to run regularly and download an app that enables you to track that route, your speed and elevation. This means you can monitor your progress and you’ll be able to see what aspects of your running need improvement (such as short distance speed, continuous pace, uphill, downhill, the beginning or end).