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10 Simple Vegan Swaps

Celebrate World Vegan Day with these ten easy food alternatives


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10 Simple Vegan Swaps

Whether you’re new to veganism or just want to be more conscious of the food you’re eating, these ten vegan-friendly substitutes should come in handy.

Swap milk for soya, coconut, rice, or hazelnut milk
Finding a vegan milk has never been easier than it is today; nut, rice, soya, and coconut milk are all great choices. However, some are a lot sweeter and thicker than others; for instance coconut milk is better suited for making cakes and ice cream, whereas rice milk has a watery texture which works better when added to smoothies and cereal bowls.

Mince meat for lentils
Lentils are a great substitute to mince meat and taste just as good when cooked using the same spices. They’re also a much cheaper alternative.

Eggs for scrambled tofu
Scrambled tofu is similar to egg in terms of taste and texture, which makes this an ideal swap. For extra flavour, it can also be blended with delicious spices and other ingredients, such as tomatoes and onions.

Honey for agave syrup
For a vegan swap which has the same texture and sweet flavour as honey, try agave syrup. It’s a delicious way to sweeten cereal, baked treats and smoothies.

Cheese for nutritional yeast
Nutritional yeast is an extremely popular cheese substitute for vegans, as it has a slightly cheesy, nutty taste and is rich in protein and vitamins.

Mayonnaise for houmous
In need of a delicious, vegan spread? Look no further than houmous. The chickpeas used in houmous give it a creamy, thick texture which is similar to mayonnaise, and the shop-bought versions won’t break the bank.

Cream for coconut cream
Coconut cream is a great substitute for vegans because it’s so versatile; for instance, it can be used in curries, casseroles and sauces, or as a replacement for whipped cream in sweet dishes.

Milk chocolate for dark chocolate
Some brands of dark chocolate tend to be dairy-free due to their high cocoa percentage, but don’t forget to check the label first.

Ice cream for frozen, blended bananas
When frozen bananas are blended into a fro-yo consistency, they serve as the ideal nutritional ice cream sundae.

Yoghurt for cashew cream
This vegan alternative is quick and simple to make. Start by soaking raw cashews overnight, then combine with spices of your choice or a drop of vanilla extract, and blitz the ingredients together in a blender.