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Citrus Spook cocktail

No Halloween party is complete without themed cocktail, and this Citrus Spook cocktail might just be the frighteningly-good tipple you’re after!

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Citrus Spook cocktail


  • 40ml aqua riva reposado tequila

  • 20ml agave syrup

  • 100ml Vita Coco Sparkling Lemon & Lime

  • 10ml fresh lime juice

  • 20ml eager cranberry juice


  1. Soak the glass rim with lime juice and coat with desiccated coconut

  2. Fill up the glass with ice

  3. Add tequila, agave syrup and lime juice

  4. Add cranberry juice in the shaker and shake for 5 seconds.

  5. Strain into a glass over ice and top with Vita Coco Lemon and Lime.

  6. Garnish with 2 frozen blackberries.

The Citrus Spook cocktail recipe has been provided by Vita Coco.

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