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The most searched for diets on Google

In a world of fads and dieting trends, there’s a lot of misconstrued information out there, and finding the right diet plan can be a tricky business. Many of us turn to Google to help deconstruct the “best” diet plans and understand which ones are the most popular, and therefore the diets with the most inquisition. To explore just how popular some diets are, Chewsy Gum has scoured through 200 of the most searched for diets on Google, using the derivative “diets”.

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The most searched for diets on Google

From the list of 200 popular searches, Chewsy Gum was able to highlight the 10 most popular diets as searched by Brits, and the most popular related questions and queries per diet, as well as the diets Brits question to be the most dangerous.

Keto Diet

Astonishingly, the Keto diet is the most searched for diet on Google, with a collective 20,387 keywords ranking, as well as a combined average monthly search volume of 623,050 for all related terms. Moreover, 10% of all 200 most popular searches related to “diets”, are in direct relation to the Keto diet! The Cambridge diet has a significant difference in searches compared to the Keto diet – 49,500 Brits query this diet every month; as well as a combined total of 97,350 related searches.

Low Carb Diet

Interestingly, the Low Carb diet has the second largest search volume total for all combined searches relating to the diet (133,690), as well as the diet with the second most questions searched.  The Low Carb diet, Military diet and Paleo diet see on average 33,100 queries Googled per month by inquisitive Brits.

Vegan Diet

Chewsy Gum also found the “Vegan diet” was the 20th most Googled diet on average per month with 14,800 curious Brits debunking what the plant-based diet is all about. 1,600 per month on average search “benefits of Vegan diet”, whilst 1,000 individuals are intrigued to find out “is a Vegan diet healthy” – perhaps emphasising how growing trends in the press do not reflect the health and scientific benefits.

What is…

It seems Brits like to begin a question with “What is…” for all diets analysed apart from the Low Carb diet and Military diet, indicating an inquisition to find out more about growing diet trends. Unsurprisingly, 22,200 Brits ask, ‘what is the keto diet’ every month on average, followed by ‘what is the Cambridge diet’ (880), ‘what is the 5 2 diet’ (1,300) and ‘what is the Paleo diet’(2,400).

Comparably, 4,110 Brits search “dangerous diet” on average per month, highlighting the diets which potentially concern Brits the most.

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