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Chocolate with a Difference!

Intolerant or Allergic to Cows’ Dairy? – Fancy chocolate with a difference?

Then why not try Goats Milk Chocolate available in 40% Cocoa (Milk Chocolate), 60% Cocoa (Dark Chocolate) and White Chocolate.

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Chocolate with a Difference!

Health Benefits

Goats’ Milk products are 15% lower in cholesterol than Cows’ milk and the fat globules are smaller enabling our bodies to digest it more easily.  It is often said that switching to Goats’ Milk helps clear up eczema – one of our customers swears that eating Goats’ Milk chocolate rather than Cows’ Milk Chocolate keeps her catarrh at bay.

About Us – Linda Writes

I have intolerances to Cows’ Dairy, Wheat & Gluten and was initially amazed at how many others who also suffered from these intolerances. This led me to create my own recipes and have my first cookery book published. As I began to look at food labelling more carefully, I began to realise that I could substitute dairy foods such as cheese and milk with goats’ or sheeps’ products. One of the things I missed was chocolate – now I make it myself.”

What does the chocolate contain?

The chocolate contains only – Cocoa Bean, Cocoa Butter, Goats’ Milk, Sugar and a Rice Based Emulsifier. Any flavourings used are Extracts which include Orange, Mint, Violet, Lemon, Strawberry and Coffee.

What are the products free from?

All of the products are free from Soya, Cows’ Dairy, Nuts, Gluten and Wheat.

Cooking with Goats’ Milk Chocolate

Goats’ Milk chocolate can be used in cooking just as you would use Cows’ Dairy Chocolate. The dark chocolate and white chocolate buttons are ideal for this purpose. Simply substitute the equivalent amounts of Goats’ milk chocolate for Cows’ dairy chocolate.

The Range

Including Easter and Christmas ranges around 60 different products are offered, for adults and children. To see the full range please see product range

Special Occasions

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Then why not have personalised chocolate for that extra special touch.


The Billy Goat Kids are attending a number of shows throughout Norfolk so if you would like to come and say hello and taste some delicious Goats’ milk chocolate then please check out the events page at Events

Freshly Produced

We pride ourselves on producing each order fresh.

What do customers think?

People have said that the chocolate is creamy, has a good chocolate flavour and a lovely texture.  Even people without allergies have converted to Goats’ Milk Chocolate.