Bowled Over With Acai Berries!

Satisfy your ice cream cravings with a delicious acai treat

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Bowled Over With Acai Berries!

By now, you’ve probably heard of the acai berry – hailing from Brazil, this is fast becoming one of the best-known superfoods in the world. A popular dish in this fruit’s native homeland is the acai berry bowl – essentially a smoothie in a dish with toppings. It’s a great healthy choice for breakfast or as a dessert.

To create the base, simply blend acai berry powder, which is available at health food stores, with fruits and berries to make a purée, and then top with your choice of goodies. Here are some of our favourite ingredients to include…


Containing more vitamin C than an orange, kiwis are a great addition to a smoothie bowl. They can help to manage blood pressure thanks to their high levels of potassium, and they’re high in fibre. This exotic fruit is also a good source of vitamin E, so they’re great for your skin, too.

Cacao Nibs

A healthier way to get your chocolate fix, these are roasted cacao beans separated from their husks and broken into pieces. Not only is cacao one of the best dietary sources of magnesium, it’s also packed with antioxidants and dietary fibre. Even better – 28 grammes of raw nibs contains six per cent of your RDA of iron.

Pomegranate Seeds

Despite their size, these pretty seeds pack a nutritional punch, as the contents of just one pomegranate accounts for almost 40 percent of your RDA of vitamin C. The benefits don’t stop there though, as they also help to keep your heart healthy by lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure.


Add a pinch of cinnamon to naturally sweeten your acai bowl base and you’ll experience literal food for thought, as this spice can help heal and create neurons by increasing the level of sodium benzoate in the brain. Cinnamon can also regulate your blood sugar levels, improve your digestion and reduce irritability.


Double the berry power of your bowl with a handful of these blue gems. While there are various health claims surrounding blueberries, some things are certain – they have the highest antioxidant capacity of all fresh fruit, they’ve been proven to preserve sight and just one cup delivers 14 per cent of your RDA of fibre.


Top your bowl with an ounce of these nuts and you’ll be getting 3.5 grammes of fibre and six grammes of protein, both of which are known to increase satiety, meaning that you’ll feel fuller for longer. These little powerhouses can also help you maintain a healthy cholesterol level and improve your complexion.