8 Foods To Improve Your Circulation Today

Eating healthily combined with simple exercise can boost your circulation, here we investigate 8 foods and their properties to help improve your circulation starting today.

Healthy Diet

By Healthy Diet

8 Foods To Improve Your Circulation Today


Gota Kola and hawthorn berry have been used traditionally to support the circulation.

Green Tea:

Dense in antioxidant compounds shown to support blood flow.


Provides allicin with natural blood-thinning effects.


In the winter, drink warm herbal teas, plus water-rich seasonal fruits and vegetables.


Naturally contains curcumin shown to support blood flow.


Rich in vitamin B needed for healthy circulation.

Oily Fish:

High in omega 3 fatty acids for healthy circulation. Consider taking a quality fish or algae-based omega 3 supplement.

Fresh Berries:

These autumnal wonders provide anthocyanidins to support the circulation.