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5 Tips for Adventurous Exercise

Start a new and exciting activity with these top tips

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5 Tips for Adventurous Exercise

Have you been looking for new ways to get fit without spending hours in the gym? Personal trainer, fitness instructor and lifestyle coach Chiara Pellegrino has teamed up with the new vegetable snack company Off The Eaten Path to encourage the nation to step away from the mundane treadmill and get active in more exciting ways. Chiara believes that no matter what your age or fitness level, there are exercises that you’ll enjoy which will also get you fit and healthy – the trick is just finding out what they are!

Chiara has shared her top tips on how to ease your way into a more challenging style of exercise.


1 Have fun

If you don’t like the exercise you’re doing, it will be hard to keep it up. Think about activities you really enjoy; for example walking, biking or dancing, and see if you can add an interesting spin, such as walking or biking through a different area, or testing out a new style of dance. If you are already active, think about what activities you’d like to experience – why not try kayaking or rock climbing? It’s time to let your adventurous side come out!

2 Start slowly

If you’re not typically active, you may want to avoid jumping in at the deep end, and try to ease your way in slowly. You will be more likely to burn out quickly if you get too ahead of yourself. Instead, try starting with 30 minutes of exercise per day, two or three days a week – make sure you remember to warm-up and cool-down properly to avoid injuries that could lead you off track. Also, why not add a daily 15-minute walk during your lunch break or after dinner?

3 Leave your comfort zone

Try a new activity each day to find out what you actually enjoy – you may discover a new talent! There are a host of fitness boutiques across the country with new and fun class formats, so now is the time to get adventurous.

4 Make it social

Use your fitness schedule as an excuse to be more social. Getting your friends involved makes physical activity fun, and also allows you to spend quality time together while training for your goals. Use charity walks or jogs and classes as an incentive too – they’ll help you get motivated and make you feel like part of a team!

5 Reward yourself

Set goals on a regular basis and reward yourself when you hit them. Think of activities you enjoy, such as taking a relaxing hot bath, buying a new book or enjoying a snack and do more of these if you achieve your targets.

Credit: Off The Eaten Path and Chiara Pellegrino