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How to tackle your morning commute

Do you struggle with a morning commute?

As we approach autumn, Pinterest takes a look at the healthiest ways you can keep your mind and body in tip-top shape on your way to work.

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How to tackle your morning commute

Ahh, the morning commute. With the days getting shorter and the nights longer, you might find it is getting harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning, and the idea of a commute on top of getting out of bed can be very daunting.

While many people are tying to remain positive about their mornings, Pinterest has found that searches for morning routines have increased by 180%. In short, showing that there is hidden potential to how our days can begin!

Travelling by train

Pinterest suggests that, if you are travelling by train or bus, you can fill this time in a variety of ways:

  • – Try mindfulness videos or these tips to help calm you during your journey
  • – Stretch your body, try these easy neck stretches you can do on the tube
  • – Make your own DIY lavender sachet bags to smell and keep you calm when there are delays
  • – Plan your week. Try using a planner or bullet journal to make a list. Pinner Claire of Hearthandmade UK has a number of great boards to help you find some inspiration of crafts to do on the tube as well as templates for planners and journals. This will help make you feel prepared, more energised and motivated for the week!
  • – Another great way to help you keep mindful and to help pass the time by is colouring! More young professionals and creative millennials as well as adults are choosing to pick up their colouring pencils and try this hobby. Pinterest has some great inspiration for drawings to colour in, such as the fashionable Vogue colouring book.

Travelling by car

For those traveling by car, there are plenty of hands free activities to keep you occupied:

  • – Listen to your favourite podcasts or find new ones by searching online forums.
  • – Audio books are another great option to keep your mind occupied and focused ready for the day ahead of work.

A tidy home

As well as these tips, ensuring your home surroundings are organised can make a huge difference to your day!

Waking up in a tidy environment can help to start your day on the right foot, and fresh bed sheets can help change your state of mind and can provide a more relaxing nights sleep.

Curate your own morning commute habits using Pinterest for ideas, and take a look here for more tips for keeping your day happy and healthy.