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Giraffe restaurants to focus on healthy kids’ meals

Healthy kids’ meals are being rolled out by Giraffe Following updated guidance from Public Health England and the Soil Association.


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Giraffe restaurants to focus on healthy kids’ meals

Striving to provide better, healthy kids’ meals, Giraffe restaurants is amongst the first in the UK to offer two portions of veg as standard with each children’s meal, as well as launching child-sized cutlery to encourage children to learn self-feeding.

This follows growing concerns around child obesity, with latest figures from Public Health England showing that 34.3% of year 6 children are now obese. Working alongside the Soil Association and Public Health England, Giraffe has brought in new initiatives for healthy kids’ meals, including default broccoli (instead fries) and petit pois (instead of baked beans), drinks portion size changed to 150ml and served in colourful re-usable plastic cups, as well as kids-size cutlery.

These changes not only encourage a balanced nutritional intake, but development and dexterity too, with NHS guidance emphasising the importance of self-feeding for six month to seven-year-old children.

With the summer holidays underway, Giraffe has further pushed the focus to family and kids, partnering with Schleich toys to offer ‘love me for life’ animal figures free with each children’s meal.

Little ones have the chance to collect five different figurines from the Schleich Wild Life series including a polar bear, elephant, ring-tailed lemur, zebra and of course the stunning giraffe with every kid’s meal purchased.

Tom Crowley, CEO of Giraffe Restaurants said: “Families have always been an important part of Giraffe and we’re working hard, partnering with PHE and the Soil Association, to make sure we’re offering healthy options for kids.

“The summer holidays are a time for families to spend quality time together and the free Schleich toys offered to kids, help to keep them happy – in restaurant and back at home.”

The new Giraffe kids menu and Schleich toys are available in restaurants now. For more healthy news, take a look here.