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Get back on track this January!

We’ve almost certainly all enjoyed a bit of over-indulgence over the festive period. But while it may have seemed like a good idea at the time – Another Bailey’s? Why not! the sluggish, heavy feeling that we’re left with is much less enjoyable. To help us get back on track, sports performance and weight management brand Grenade has put together some top tips.

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Get back on track this January!

Grenade’s Money Saving Fitness Tips

January is not everybody’s favourite month. You’ve splashed out on all things Christmas, so your bank account has taken a pretty hard hit and with payday seemingly light years away, it can definitely be hard to get back on track and back into the routine you had nailed pre-Christmas.

While you may not want to spend that extra penny on a gym membership this month, remember there is no need to give up – you can get fit and not spend a penny. Grenade has come up with some top tips to get fit without your wallet:

Grab a free gym pass

Throughout January, many gyms offer free passes for a day or, sometimes, a whole week! This is a great way for you to make the most of their facilities at no cost!

Follow and online workout

Nowadays, social media channels are full to the brim with bloggers, vloggers and celebrities providing free workout videos. A simple scroll through Instagram and you can have a brand-new workout plan mapped out for you. This is a great way to take advantage of the free content and save a pretty penny or two.

Start Running

If you’re strapped for cash, it’s time to dust off your running shoes and head out on a gentle jog. Or if you’re feeling motivated, do some hill sprints for a more intense workout. Running is so accessible and completely cost free – you can run pretty much anywhere!

Grenade’s New Year Motivational Tips:

We’ve all been guilty of setting ourselves an unrealistic New Year’s resolution that we unfortunately end up breaking before January ends. Statistics show that 80% of resolutions fail by February, with unrealistic promises of hitting the gym every day and living off salad for the foreseeable future all being broken long before January is over.

2020 is going to be different. Grenade® is here to help you stay motivated and ensure you reach your goals. Whether you are working towards a new personal best or simply want to stay on track, check these motivational tips out and enjoy the new decade, the right way.

Don’t dwell

“I’ve put on so much weight over Christmas.”

“I can’t lift as heavy as I used to.”

“It’s been ages since I went to my spin class ­– I can’t possibly go back now!”

Our first, and possibly hardest tip to follow, is: do not dwell. We all tend to over-indulge during the festive period but nothing good comes from punishing yourself for it. The best thing you can do is focus on moving forward and getting back on track rather than moping. It’s a tough one to master but once you realise focusing on the past won’t change it, you can move on and start smashing your goals.

Set realistic goals

Aiming to lose three stone in January is a far cry from realistic. Neither is setting yourself the evil task of hitting the gym for a 5:30am circuit class seven days a week. Be reasonable and kind to yourself. Set attainable goals that get your blood pumping but aren’t impossible. Setting unrealistic goals will only knock your confidence because, if you don’t meet them, you’ll feel like a failure.

Plan it in

Gym sessions, workout classes, activities – even a lunch time walk with a colleague. Schedule them in. Physically plotting these events into your diary will make them feel “official” and you’ll feel as if you can’t miss them.

If these tips aren’t enough to keep you pushing the boundaries, then why not try Grenade Energy. If you are in need of an extra boost to get you through the day and get back on track – whether that’s a pre-workout refreshment, a perk up for a night out, a boost to get out of bed or relief from lack of sleep due a little one – we all need a kickstart every now and then. So, in typical Grenade style, it has launched the first of its kind and newest recruit, Grenade Energy.


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