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Five lifestyle changes for a healthy planet

Healthy planet, healthy people! That’s the stance we’re taking, and here, we look at some super-easy ways of living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

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Five lifestyle changes for a healthy planet

We’ve established that climate change is no joke, and we have more than enough evidence now to show how our behaviour impacts the environment and our not-so healthy planet. And whilst not all of us can be protesting in the streets, there are other ways to be an activist and do your own bit in your everyday life.

Residential People is the market leading service which connects people to property. Its ethos is based on doing so in the simplest way possible. Here, they share 5 simple ways to make your home ‘green’.

  1. Conserve Water –the Earth only has a 2% supply of fresh water and access to more is costly. With water being a limited resource, we need to keep a close eye on our usage. Limiting showers to four minutes, adjusting our houses to run off rainwater and flushing less are all examples of ways you can minimise your water usage.
  2. Natural Products – whether it’s for cleaning or personal use, you should swap out chemical products for natural replacements. By being conscious of what you’re unleashing into the environment, you can help keep plants safe and water clean – both of which help the overall health of our environment.
  3. Compost Bins – compost is a natural fertiliser for soil. By returning food scraps into the ground, plants can absorb valuable nutrients and grow. Unlike chemical fertilisers, it’s a non-toxic way of encouraging the growth of crops and requires very minimal effort. Start off by introducing a small compost bin into your kitchen where you can deposit leftovers and scraps and release them into your veggie patch or flower bed.
  4. Solar Panels – once considered a myth, solar panels are a very effective way of conserving energy. Solar panels use light to generate a flow of electricity which can be used throughout your household. Installing solar panels on the roof can be an expensive process initially but will save you money (and the environment) in the long run.
  5. Insulate – there are various ways to naturally insulate your property. Loft insulation, double-glazed windows, window dressings and dry walls are all physical solutions to insulating your home – all of which require installation. However, there are behavioural changes you can adopt which you can also benefit from. Things like closing doors, keeping windows sealed when necessary and layering up when at home can save energy and cuts down on carbon emissions.

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