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Beat “Blue Monday” at work

It can be very hard to beat “Blue Monday’ at work and it’s normal to feel a bit down after all the fun of the festive season. And apparently, 20 January is the day when we’re most likely to suffer from the blues, based on weather conditions, debt, the end of Christmas, failed resolutions and general low motivation levels.

As the day approaches, Kira Mahal, former city worker, Personal Trainer and Founder of Reset LDN has put together some tips on how to boost motivation and productivity at work during the seasonal dip to ensure your job doesn’t suffer.

By Amy Gerrish

Beat “Blue Monday” at work

Tips to beat “Blue Monday” at work:

  1.  Get your colleagues together to do a group fitness class. Since launching Reset LDN we have seen the huge positive impact that our classes have on team bonding. Swap out your usual winter drinks for a rush of endorphins and I’ll promise you’ll notice a difference in how everyone feels afterwards.
  2. Make sure that there is healthy food available to you. If you are having meetings or team lunches ensure that you have nourishing foods on offer that mood boost rather than pastries and sandwiches that can cause our bodies to feel lethargic for the rest of the day. If there isn’t anything on offer in your office canteen, get prepared and take your own! The consumption of whole foods isn’t only good for the mind but it will help you ward of colds and flus in the winter months.
  3. Take regular breaks from your desk. Whether it’s going for a lunchtime walk or doing a lap around the office, get yourself moving. This will not only help in increasing your activity in the winter months but it gives your eyes a break from constantly looking at a screen!
  4. Start a morning or lunchtime run club. As motivation starts to dip once the weather gets colder, your and your colleagues are likely to need extra support to be active. Exercising in a group can help people to feel more accountable to workout and it’ll also help you build better relationships within teams.
  5. Take charge and get your team out of the office. Being cooped up all day inside in the winter months can really start to take its toll. When it’s not raining, get your colleagues to join you for lunch outside. A lot of my personal training clients have started to opt for training outside in the winter months because of how they feel after being exposed to some fresh air.

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