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5 Ways to Ease Your Anxiety

The spread of Coronavirus is, understandably, causing a great deal of anxiety up and down the country. But there are a few things you can do to help stay calm during this time of uncertainty.

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5 Ways to Ease Your Anxiety

Get some fresh air

Getting fresh air is the easiest way to get perspective and brush away the cobwebs from
working at home. If you can’t get outside, simply opening a window will help massively.

Try an at-home yoga class with Fiit

Fiit offers consumers access to hundreds of on-demand classes, taught and led by some of
the UK’s leading personal trainers – including Adrienne Herbert,  Gede Foster , Lawrence
Price, Courtney Fearon, Richie Bostock, and Cat Meffan. Fiit’s Rebalance studio, which offers
techniques such as Breathwork, Yoga and Pilates are perfect for restoring calm during
uncertain times, the expertly designed classes restore peace, get you moving and boost
heart rate, reaping a variety of benefits for users.

Make to-do lists

Making lists seems like a straight forward, the obvious thing to do, but you would be
amazing at how few people exercise this in their daily lives and during times of crisis it has
never been more important. When you are confronted with an additional pile of things to
do around the house, from getting to the shops early in the morning, organising the kids and
managing your work remotely – get everything written down and make sure you are ticking
them off as you get stuff done.

Eat a balanced diet

Food is scarce in supermarkets at the moment, but making sure you are eating a balanced
diet is so important, so try to stock up on key ingredients that won’t go off but will provide
you will essential vitamins and minerals.

Take CBD to ease your anxiety

In a study which was carried out on the effects of CBD in consumers with anxiety disorders,
participants who were given an oral dose of CBD experienced overall reduced anxiety.

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